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“A tailored plan to repair my body from the inside out”

I highly recommend Angela! I was overcome by eczema that only spread and got worse with steroid creams.

Angela provided a tailored plan to repair my body from the inside out through restoring my gut health, guiding me in what specific foods to eliminate and add to my diet and targeted supplements.

Her ability to listen and empathise, along with her confidence in my body’s ability to heal itself was so encouraging and sure enough the eczema disappeared and is staying away!

But what’s also a blessing is that through Angela’s wise council, I now have the tools to live out a sustainable nutritional lifestyle and as a mother of two children I’m so happy to be back to my pre baby weight! Bonus!

“Angela has been invaluable in helping me with my health.”

I’m 49 and felt that my body wasn’t functioning as well as it could. I was feeling tired all of the time, lacking energy and motivation. I had put on a bit of weight that I just could not shift.

Angela listened carefully to my symptoms and suggested that I have a range of blood tests. She analysed the results for me and explained what was wrong. Angela suggested eating particular foods and taking certain supplements and I can honestly say that I am feeling 100 per cent better than I did a few months ago.

It turns out that my thyroid levels were all over the place and my B12 was on the floor. With a few tweaks to my diet and lifestyle, some targeted supplements and daily exercise, I’m feeling better than I ever have and I’ve dropped half a stone.

Thank you Angela. I’d recommend your services to anyone who’s feeling like their body could be working a bit better.

“I am well on my way to achieving my goals”

I am very grateful to Angela for helping me change my approach to food following a medical diagnosis. As a result, I am well on my way to achieving my goals and reversing that diagnosis.

I also have the tools needed to implement an optimal diet over a lifetime. Angela tailored and personalised a plan that was specific to me to ensure best results. I fully recommend her!

“No flare ups, an increase in my energy & a much happier tummy!”

Having suffered with IBS from my early 20’s & years of taking medication, I decided to seek help in how to manage the condition.

Angela was amazing in helping me identify my triggers, what foods to avoid & how to eat a balanced diet without to much limitation.

In the 3 months since following Angela’s plan, I have never felt better with no flare ups, an increase in my energy levels & a much happier tummy!

“A fascinating insight into nutrition”

Angela gave me a fascinating insight into nutrition, and opened my eyes to the importance of diet post menopause. She has provided me with a wealth of information and showed how certain foods can also help with my arthritis.

It has changed my whole outlook on food choices and I’m excited about doing my food shop now and experimenting with new combinations!

Angela gave me really helpful summary sheets with recommendations to take away with me and has since continued to send me useful and inspirational ideas for new meals and recipes. It feels really good to know I’m giving back to my body the things it needs and it has also helped with my sleep.

I would highly recommend Angela to anyone that needs a tailored plan to balance out their diet and gain much more in depth knowledge in this area. Most productive hour spent ever! Thank you Angela.

“I have lost over a stone & feel absolutely great”

I was recommended to Angela by my daughter as I had been tired, low self esteem & generally feeling very unhealthy , also gained weight & menopausal.

I completed questionnaires & food diary, which was an eye opener. Angela’s recommendation to change my diet, more vegetables, fruit , oily fish etc, all clearly printed on personal charts etc & supplements to aid mood, gut health & well being.

I religiously followed instructions & have Been amazed at the results. I have lost over a stone & feel absolutely great. Friends & family have all commented on the change & how well I look. Not only that it has become routine 2 make healthy choices & enjoy activities.

I can’t thank Angela enough & would thoroughly recommend to anyone. It’s amazing what you can Achieve with the right help & determination!

“Forever grateful!”

After suffering with acid reflux and stomach / digestive issues for almost 2 years, and countless GP appointments with no end result I was feeling pretty low and at a loss as to where to turn.

I was recommended to Angela and after only 4 weeks almost all of my symptoms had either disappeared or reduced dramatically. As a result my energy levels are better and my sleep has also improved.

I cant recommend Angela enough she is kind, caring and understanding. She made me feel extremely comfortable the whole way through. Forever grateful!

“Happier & healthier in my 50’s than I did through my 40’s.”

I’m so delighted that I made the decision to contact Angela a year ago. As a result, I feel much fitter, happier and healthier in my 50’s than I did through my 40’s.

My goal was to face the menopause healthily and manage the symptoms whilst trying to lose weight. Angela’s friendly and professional support and encouragement has been brilliant. She finds the right balance of challenging you but also being realistic, ensuring that you enjoy the positive changes rather than feeling constrained by them.

I have loved trying different foods and my body feels so much better for eating the right nutrients. I’m now able to make better choices because of the knowledge and information I have been given. Thank you so much Angela!

“I realised perhaps I needed to take better care.”

Having got to my mid 40s, although not feeling unwell, I realised perhaps I needed to take better care and consideration of what I was eating.

Angela has been a huge help in targeting the food types I need to avoid and encouraging me to broaden those groups that I need to consume more of. Our biweekly calls have been of great motivation to help me meet my goals.

Being incredibly busy I don’t always have time to plan and pre-buy foods for nutritious meals, but together we worked out a plan of how I could eat better, conveniently and on the go. I have really enjoyed working with Angela.

“The best thing I ever did.”

Having such a busy life style, I began to notice that I was not feeling myself. I was tired all the time, I had stomach issues amongst other things…

I decided to go and see Angela, which was the best thing I ever did. I have been following her diet plan for two months now and I feel so much better already. My symptoms are more manageable and I am having a good nights sleep, which then helps me feel more energised the next day. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone that asks!

“Tips that will stay with me forever.”

Having had a poor immune system for years and feeling constantly bloated, I decided to see Angela for some help. Not only was she a friendly face but she gave me some great advice about my lifestyle and my eating habits. She allowed me to open up about my symptoms and has given me food and health tips that will stay with me forever. Thank you Angela for all your help!

“Within 2 weeks I had come off my medication and my symptoms had all but disappeared.”

I was referred to Angela by my GP as I had been suffering with symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux for 2 years which were not being managed by medication. I completed a very detailed health questionnaire including a food diary and it was clear that Angela had reviewed my individual health history and current symptoms very carefully before my first consultation. Angela was keen to find alternative ways of reducing my symptoms by making agreed changes to my food habits and my lifestyle- introducing anti-inflammatory foods, reducing stimulants (including sugar!) and encouraging me to eat good fats and to allow more time at meals.

Within 2 weeks after following Angela’s advice I had come off my medication and my symptoms had all but disappeared. At the second consultation Angela explained to me the downsides of the medication and we worked together on a plan to avoid flare ups. I am pleased to say that after 3 consultations in total I feel confident that I have the knowledge and advice to avoid flare ups and I would recommend anyone experiencing problems with their gut including acid reflux, heartburn or other digestion problems to visit a Nutritional Therapist as their guidance and support can be life changing!

“Angela was a rare find.”

I initially consulted Angela to help with my general wellbeing as I had been diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression. I also had high blood pressure and weight concerns.

Angela was very personable, professional and very easy to talk to. I felt she really cared and totally understood my health concerns and her dietary recommendations were clearly explained and realistic. She motivated and encouraged me to look at other areas of my life which would enhance my wellbeing and I am now exercising on a regular basis.

All in all Angela was a rare find and I would have no hesitation in consulting her again and I would recommend her without reservation.

“The increased energy has helped me reach my goal.”

I came to Angela with ongoing IBS symptoms and low energy which were really affecting my life. Since taking on board her recommendations I have felt like a new person. My IBS symptoms have reduced substantially and the increased energy has helped me reach my goal of wanting to run a 10K race.

The advice was easy to take on, interesting and the nutrition plan was varied. Angela is incredibly easy to talk to and I would recommend her to anyone experiencing digestion problems or simply just wanting to improve their diet and lifestyle.

“Angela’s approach was sensitive and caring.”

I saw Angela after my GP said I was facing a likely diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), given my blood test results and symptoms and I wanted to see if there was an alternative way of addressing the issue.

Angela’s approach was sensitive and caring and the plan was intelligently and individually thought through. She made dietary and life style recommendations based on an alternative hypothesis of adrenal fatigue and the changes were easy to implement and actually very pleasant! She also followed my progress across the succession of the diagnostic blood tests.

By changing my diet, sleep habits and reducing stress, my last blood test result was normal and I am over the moon! Thanks to Angela, I have adapted my nutrition and life style, for which I am more healthy and very thankful for.

“Angela came to my rescue.”

I consulted Angela as I had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I also needed to continue losing weight but I could no longer continue to attend slimming classes because they were advocating a low fat approach which meant I was eating products high in sugar.

Angela came to my rescue, her consultations were very professional, informative, encouraging and she listened intently to all I said. All in all her help was invaluable and I would not hesitate to recommend Angela for the high quality of her knowledge, advice and her enthusiasm.

“Effective and with fresh ideas.”

I consulted Angela for dietary advice to help reduce my cholesterol levels without recourse to statins. I found her most personable, professional and genuinely interested. The consultation was easy, chatty and interesting, and Angela listened carefully asking appropriate questions to bring the core issues to the fore.

There is so much information ‘out there’ much of which is confusing and conflicting. My consultation with Angela was illuminating and left me with a much better understanding of the optimum and healthy diet for me. The resulting dietary advice produced a more interesting and improved diet, both effective and with fresh ideas.

“I feel 10 years younger in energy!”

I had been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and despite thyroid medication from my GP, still felt tired and cold and so decided to seek Nutritional Therapy to see what else I could do to improve my symptoms. Since meeting with Angela and changing my diet ( which was not difficult!), I can honestly say I feel 10 years younger in energy!

I highly recommend Angela to anyone who has thyroid issues as her knowledge of foods and supplements and her attention to detail and my individual care has changed my life around!

“Huge difference almost immediately.”

I had long term digestive problems, which became much worse last year due to extra demands on my time. I was also struggling with both physical and mental energy levels. I consulted Angela and she discussed in great depth all aspects of my diet and lifestyle and their effect on my digestive system and general wellbeing.

A programme of changes to both, plus specific supplements to aid speedy improvement made a huge difference almost immediately. Angela has helped to re enforce the connection between the good practices and the positive effects on my health (and vice versa) and to ensure that these become lifelong changes.

“I left feeling positive and with a clear goal.”

Angela has been a fantastic find. I came to see her in a sorry state and after a very professional and informative first session, where she made me feel comfortable talking about very personal health symptoms, I left feeling positive and with a clear goal to work towards. I would recommend Angela to anyone.

“Within just a few days the change was remarkable.”

Nutritional therapy has turned my life around. I was suffering with classic perimenopausal symptoms: hot flushes, mood swings and menopausal acne. Add to this a general feeling of sluggishness and inertia and I was not in a good place.

The guidance and advice I have received from Angela has been invaluable. I gained an insight into the science behind nutrition and this gave me a different perspective on food. I can honestly say that within just a few days the change was remarkable – renewed energy, stable moods and clearer skin.

After a month the symptoms had all but disappeared and I had also lost half a stone! I highly recommend this route for anyone who is serious about eating well to maximise their current and future health. You won’t regret it!

“I am now back to full training.”

Angela helped my recovery from a knee injury with advice on the best foods and supplements for me with both professionalism and bounds of empathy! I am now back to full training and coaching.

“I feel I can now get on with my life.”

I consulted Angela with a long term skin complaint. I found her approach to be friendly and realistic with a real personal interest in resolving my health symptoms with nutritional support. After following her advice my skin is no longer a daily embarrassing issue and I feel I can now get on with my life.

“I had all but given up trying to fix my IBS.”

I went to see Angela as I had all but given up trying to fix my IBS. After about 2 months of following Angela’s advice and recommendations I am happy that my symptoms are definitely more manageable than they have ever been since being diagnosed. She’s a great practitioner, actually listens to you and doesn’t force you to do anything you wouldn’t want to do but works around your preferences instead. She’s very patient and very knowledgeable. I recommend anyone with gastric issues to see her!

“I haven’t had a flare-up since our first consultation.”

I went to see Angela in the hope of reducing my eczema flare-ups. After approximately 5 weeks of sticking to her advice and following her guidance, I haven’t had a flare-up since our first consultation. I would recommend Angela to anyone looking to change their diet and lifestyle and with any particular issues such as eczema.

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