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30 Day Starter Package


In order to get the best results when working with clients, I combine assessments (and sometimes testing) with a thorough consultation and ongoing support.

What’s included?

• A discovery call to discuss your health concerns & agree how we would work together to help resolve them.
• Completion by you of a health questionnaire which includes your health history, symptoms plus a food and lifestyle diary so that I can fully evaluate your individual nutritional status.
Review & assessment of your questionnaire by myself prior to your consultation.
• An initial consultation (1hr) during which we discuss your health concerns and establish your health goals. We will agree a personalised diet & lifestyle plan, followed by a written plan together with any supplementary information e.g menu plans, recipes etc. Whilst face to face consultations are preferable, I also provide online consultations by telephone or Skype.
• Sometimes I may recommend additional testing in order to help diagnose and resolve health conditions. These are an additional cost and will be discussed and agreed upon.
Online support for 30 days (including food diary analysis where appropriate) together with 15 minute Skype / phone call to allow for a smooth & effective implementation of your health plan.

Follow up consultations

Follow up consultations (1 hour) are available at £80 each. The best results are normally achieved with 2x follow up consultations (30 days apart).

Whilst many clients see and feel improvements sooner, a 3 month period is a good amount of time to implement lasting changes and see sustained improvements in health. Some health conditions may require up to 6 months.

Payment / Cancellations

Payment should be made via BACS/Cheque or Cash at the time of the appointment.

Please note you will be charged if 48 hours notice of cancellation is not provided.

Your Privacy

Client confidentiality will be maintained at all times and your details will only be released with your written consent, including to General Practitioners. For more information about how I handle privacy, please view my website’s privacy policy.


Nutritional therapy is not a substitute for medical advice and you must consult your GP with any medical concerns.

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